Wertvolle Schritte in der St. Joseph Charity Clinic aus der Sicht einer Mitarbeiterin – Ein Rückblick Daianas

Im Folgenden dokumentieren wir eine kurze Mitteilung und persönliche Eindrücke einer Mitarbeiterin der St. Joseph Charity Clinic:

„My name is Daiana Wadeea, I am a clinical pharmacist trainee and work at St. Joseph Charity Clinic since 28-8-2014 as volunteer 20 days after it was opened on 6 August 2014 which is the date when the IDPs arrived, and am still working there till today.

St. Joseph Charity Clinic started as a small group of doctors with very limited possibilities. The doctors bought medicine with their own money, and started visiting the families inside the church and helping them with anything they could afford. After that they used a room inside the church, and started organizing a small clinic with also limited possibilities.

By the end of October 2014 we managed with the help of the church and the donor organizations under the supervision of Bishop Bashar Warda to arrange a clinic that consisted out of 9 caravans, and with the help of some volunteers, the Sisters of the Holy Cross from India and some specialist, general physicians, pharmacist and also medical students, we started the clinic with two shifts (morning and evening) receiving 150 patients/shift for cold cases and 3000 patient/ months for chronic cases. The clinic was receiving all kind of IDPs whether they are Christians (as a majority), Muslims, Yezides or Shabak.

By the end of 2016 we managed with the donated organizations to build a second floor for the clinic containing labs and ultrasound device and rooms for the specialist and a pharmacy.

After the Mosul operations started, we began to receive more Muslims because their displacement from the freed places started again.

Being a part of this experience affected my life from so many aspects, seeing the suffering of these people and not being able to do anything. Especially in the first months when we had limited possibilities it was a major tragedy. After getting the help and opening the clinic and being able to do something that might make a difference even if it’s a small one, can be considered a bless and to be able to act like a real Christian and help people who are in need regardless to their religion or race…


Daiana Wadeea Hirmiz“

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Video: Ein Treffen für Pater Ibrahim Alsabagh


Pater Ibrahim Alsabagh konnte am Mittwoch 26 Oktober 2016 leider nicht in München seinen Vortrag halten. An seiner Stelle berichteten Andrea Avveduto und Pater Werner Mertens OFM über die Situation in Aleppo.

Ein Video über das Treffen können Sie hier ansehen.

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Weltbrücke Eichstätt und Geschäftsleute aus Eichstätt überreichen 2250 Euro für einen Kindergarten und eine Klinik für Flüchtlinge in Erbil/Irak

Die Weltbrücke Eichstätt half mit der Lebkuchenaktion den Flüchtlingen in Erbil zusammen mit Geschäftsleuten aus Eichstätt: Link zu welt-bruecke.de

Auf dem Bild sind Frau Dagmar Kusche von der Weltbrücke, Bäckermeister Martin Schneller, Martin Groos, Julia Schwarzer von Fairwandel, Gabi Hössl von der Weltbrücke und Maria Groos.

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Unsere Partnerorganisation Meeting Point International hat ihren Annual Report veröffentlicht.






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